Having just been sued over a less than $2,200 old CC debt by Portfolio Recovery Associates in New Mexico, I've just retained a lawyer. The lawyers fees on top of the bill will be well worth it to make Portfolio work for their very cheap money.

Beware if you have significant equity in your home and that equity shows on your credit reports.

Bottom-feeding debt collectors like Portfolio see home equity as a treasure chest to be pillaged using the justice system. Unfortunately backwards states like New Mexico allows this to happen to many of its citizens.

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You really don't even need to hire a lawyer, just educating yourself on how to file an anwser will usually be enough, these *** are after easy default judgements.

In a few States they let these bastards win judgments even if a defendant has not been served, which in most States has to happen (service of lawsuit) or the case goes nowhere.

The good news is that you can respond by filing to have the judgment vacated and then you will have the opportunity to contest the case, however this more complicated process will probably require you to hire a lawyer as they will fight to preserve their ill gotten judgement against you.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #615227

I was being sued by these sharks for $5800. I got a lawyer and beat them.

I even was awarded attorney fees and court costs. The came at me with nothing, and was only hoping for a "no show" judgement. Don't let that happen to you! Fight them, and make them prove you owe them anything.

Don't let them scare you.

Chances are, they don't have the evidence to win a dime! It killed them to send ME a big ole check!


Yeah, New Jersey allows this kind of collections nonsense to happen, too! Portfolio Recovery just STOLE money from my brand new savings account!! See my complaint for details.....

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